Play Weekly English Harbour Roulette Tournaments

One of the things that English Harbour is famous for is practically inventing the idea of casino game tournaments. One of the more unique games that they offer in a tournament format is European Roulette. These roulette tournaments happen weekly at English Harbour, starting each Thursday at Noon EST and go for an entire week until Noon of the next Thursday.

The entry fee to play these games is $2. This will give you a starting balance of $20.00. You can rebuy a maximum of 30 times for $2 each time. You can only rebuy if your balance is under $10.00 and each rebuy gets you an additional balance of $25.00.

The object is to get the highest amount in your balance before the end of the tournament on each Thursday. Since this game is relatively relaxed with only a couple hundred people playing, they only give prizes for the first 5 places.

The winner gets 50% of the total pot at the end of the tournament. Second place gets 25% of the prize pool, third place gets 10% and 4th and 5th place split the last 15% of the money.

European Roulette

european roulette english harbour Play Weekly English Harbour Roulette Tournaments

The game you will be playing is European Roulette. This is the version of roulette with only one 0. The 00 was an invention of Las Vegas in order to gain a higher house advantage. The significance of the 0 and 00 are that they will nullify any bet that isn’t on 0 or 00. By removing one of these 0′s, you’re natural disadvantage is cut in half.

european roulette bodog Play Weekly English Harbour Roulette Tournaments

If this were a real European Roulette table, you would also see a track of numbers next to the regular betting area. This track is simply the way the 37 numbers are placed around the roulette wheel.

Betting on one of the numbers in this track would be equivalent to betting on a slice of the roulette wheel. You would make 5 total bets, one on the number in the racetrack itself and one on the two numbers to the left and right of it on the wheel.

If you would like to play or learn more information about European Roulette and it’s rules, please take a look at

Play Weekly English Harbour Roulette Tournaments

Note: European Roulette doesn’t count towards bonus requirement at English Harbour but American Roulette does.