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St Patrick’s Day Free Slot Tournament

Would you like to participate in a free slot tournament tonight? Well you can if you go to Grand Vegas casino. Grand Vegas is one of the newest online casino sites with tournaments and they have a lot of great casino game tournaments to offer to their players.

They are offering a $25K freeroll that starts tonight, Valentine’s Day, at 10:30PM ET. So after you’ve taken your sweetheart out to dinner, you can have a little fun playing a Valentines themed game like Cupid’s Arrow.

How does the free slot tournament work?

Yes, this tournament is actually free to enter. All you have to do is download Grand Vegas, install the software and register for a real account. Then, go to the Tournaments tab and select the tournament named Valentines Day Week Long $25000.

grand vegas tournament lobby Valentines Day Free Slot Tournament

valentines tournament entry Valentines Day Free Slot TournamentOnce you have selected the tournaments, press the Register button. You will then see the following popup asking you if you would like to register. You do not need to make a deposit in order to register and play in this freeroll slots tournament.

This tournament starts tonight at 10:30PM ET and will end on Friday night, February 18th, at 10:30PM ET.

Everybody will start with a $75 balance to play the slot game Cupid’s Arrow. The objective of the slot tournament is to get the highest total balance when the tournament ends on Friday night.

The winner will receive $1000 in bonus money and players in the top 11 will receive at least $100. There will also be cash prizes of $50, $30, and all the way down to $1 for finishing places.

What happens if I lose all of the balance?

You can rebuy back into the tournament for $5.75 for which you will receive an additional balance of $275. If you want to play slot tournaments for money, you should play in the real money slot tournaments. These tournaments have higher prizes to the winners and few people playing since you have to pay to register for the tournament.

You will see as many as 10 times the players on the freeroll tournaments and the top players at the end usually have between $50,000 and $100,000.

How do you get a total that high? Very carefully at first. In order to get to $1000 in your balance, you must be very patient. Occasionally you have to switch up your bets and hope for a big payout. The bonus round in this game can help you rack up big money quickly. Once you reach a certain betting level, you can hit on monumental payline wins.

Valentines Day Free Slot Tournament

Grand Vegas’ sister site Online Vegas is hosting this Valentines Day freeroll slot tournament as well. There are a couple of great one-day promotions that you should check out like the $25 No Deposit bonus. Check out for more info.

Play Weekly English Harbour Roulette Tournaments

One of the things that English Harbour is famous for is practically inventing the idea of casino game tournaments. One of the more unique games that they offer in a tournament format is European Roulette. These roulette tournaments happen weekly at English Harbour, starting each Thursday at Noon EST and go for an entire week until Noon of the next Thursday.

The entry fee to play these games is $2. This will give you a starting balance of $20.00. You can rebuy a maximum of 30 times for $2 each time. You can only rebuy if your balance is under $10.00 and each rebuy gets you an additional balance of $25.00.

The object is to get the highest amount in your balance before the end of the tournament on each Thursday. Since this game is relatively relaxed with only a couple hundred people playing, they only give prizes for the first 5 places.

The winner gets 50% of the total pot at the end of the tournament. Second place gets 25% of the prize pool, third place gets 10% and 4th and 5th place split the last 15% of the money.

European Roulette

european roulette english harbour Play Weekly English Harbour Roulette Tournaments

The game you will be playing is European Roulette. This is the version of roulette with only one 0. The 00 was an invention of Las Vegas in order to gain a higher house advantage. The significance of the 0 and 00 are that they will nullify any bet that isn’t on 0 or 00. By removing one of these 0′s, you’re natural disadvantage is cut in half.

european roulette bodog Play Weekly English Harbour Roulette Tournaments

If this were a real European Roulette table, you would also see a track of numbers next to the regular betting area. This track is simply the way the 37 numbers are placed around the roulette wheel.

Betting on one of the numbers in this track would be equivalent to betting on a slice of the roulette wheel. You would make 5 total bets, one on the number in the racetrack itself and one on the two numbers to the left and right of it on the wheel.

If you would like to play or learn more information about European Roulette and it’s rules, please take a look at

Play Weekly English Harbour Roulette Tournaments

Note: European Roulette doesn’t count towards bonus requirement at English Harbour but American Roulette does.

Roulette Tournaments

Today in casino gaming online roulette tournaments are becoming a craze. They are also providing some amazing opportunities to people for becoming great roulette players. They are also proving to be providing you with some amazing action. These roulette tournaments are new to online casinos. The rules that are followed in these tournaments may differ from venue to venue. Whether it is land-based or played at some online casino the game follows same line of action as the regular roulette do.

What to seek in a tournament?

The criteria one should be following while deciding that which online tournament to play can have different points. One should consider several things before petting his hard-earned money at stake. These things can be: the date of the tournament, starting and ending time, what to pay as entry fee, minimum and maximum bets and the prize money one can earn. One great feature of these tournaments is that they don’t just offer the first place prizes. Often these tournaments offer multiple second and third prizes as well.

How you can win?

The major achievement for you in these roulette tournaments is to make chips money than what others do in the competition. Participants can generally opt to stop playing any time they want to do so. The chips that are remaining are then credited to your finishing score. Winning prizes and the number of prizes that players can win vary from casino to casino. For example some of the tournaments offer you prizes up to the 5th place.

How to join such tournaments?

You must have to pay the qualification entry fee in order to join an online roulette tournament. Another option for you is to “buy in”. Normally this fee is in the range of $5 to $ 10. Definitely two tournaments cannot be same so you can expect these amounts to vary.

Once you pay these buy-in amounts you are awarded certain number of chips that you may use to compete with others. Different tournaments allocate you different number of chips. Normally the amount is round about 1000 times the amount with which you buy-in. For instance your chips can worth $5000 if you paid $5 as your entry fee for the tournament. The entry fee for a tournament remains same for every player. Therefore every player is expected to be awarded with the chips of same worth to start with.

In which range can you bet?

Every roulette tournament has a specific predetermined range in which a particular player can bet. For example for competing in a particular tournament it may be necessary for you to bet at least 30 cents and not greater than $20.

How to qualify for the final round?

You are required to play a certain number of rounds to be declared eligible for the final round. These rounds are played at multiplayer tables which can have up to 20 players other than you. Players that remain at top in these rounds can compete in the final round.

How to know your current rank? Players can check their rank in the qualifying rounds and the finals at the leader board that is posted alongside the competition.

Slot Machine Tournaments

Reason of Popularity

Now days, people are getting more and more interest in participating the Slot Machine Tournaments. These Slot Machine Tournaments are very much easy to understand. Every one can easily play these Slot Machine Tournaments. There is not any special skills are required for participating in these Slot Machine Tournaments. Due to the easiness and simplicity, people are more and more attracting towards these Slot Machine Tournaments. If you have a small fortunate then you can easily win these Slot Machine Tournaments and earn a considerable amount of money for yourself and for your family.

How Slot Machine Tournaments work?

It is very much simple to participate in the Slot Machine Tournaments. First of all you must register your self for the Slot Machine Tournaments. At the time of the completion of your registration, number of slot machine and playing session timing is allocated to you. When your turn comes according to your session playing timing, then you have to find out your Slot Machine according to your allocated machine number.

After finding the machine you must sit on the machine to play the game. But you can not begin to play your game before the instructions of the officials. Officials give the credit amount to you for playing the Slot Machine Tournament. Normally officials give thousand credits along with twenty minutes playing session time. You have to use your all credits in these 20 minutes. After the 20 minutes, your winning prize is calculated but your remaining credits are lost. Players who get the maximum points as compare to other players are considered as the winner.

Tips for playing the Slot Machine Tournaments:

Those people who have a good belief in their luck then they have a big chance to win these Slot Machine Tournaments. Because if you have a good providential then you can easily win these Slot Machine Tournaments. Along with good luck and providential, very much pace and attentiveness is also very important for winning these Slot Machine Tournaments. These two skills are very much important if you want to win lot of money through these Slot Machine Tournaments. So for this, you must develop the skills of speed and high concentration in yourself.

Because if you will play fast then you can utilize your all credits effectively in Slot Machine Tournaments. Otherwise you will not be able to utilize your all credits effectively in the limited period of time for winning the Slot Machine Tournaments. If you want to increase your speed during the Slot Machine Competition then you must put your index finger at the push button and press it calmly. If you will do it then you can save some time for your game and earn some more important points. You should not spend very much time on the occasion of winning a huge amount by a single hit during the playing session. Because if you will do this then you will lost lot of your time that can prove costly for you. So you must avoid this and must celebrate your win after the completion of session time.